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Suzhou Lunhua Education blooms! Recruitment  is fully open!

The British Millennium School – Reading School is located in the land of China! Suzhou Redding School hot recruitment is fully open!

Suzhou Redding School is jointly built by Suzhou Lunhua Education, British Reading School and Shanghai Lujiazui Real Estate. Suzhou Redding School is a key school created by Suzhou Lunghua Education and a new symbol of the international education landscape of Lung Wah Education . Under the guidance of the founder Mr. Cao Lunhua, more than 20 years of advanced concepts and successful experiences in international education management are integrated with the mature international curriculum system and excellent faculty of Reading School in the UK. The school will adopt pure English education. Drawing on the essence of Eastern and Western cultural education, it integrates the essence of the Chinese and Western education system, with the characteristics of “exquisite management, professional courses, and activity carriers” ,  with a global vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, and high-point positioning as the goal of running schools. Many students enjoy the charm of “different education” and enjoy the fusion of Chinese and Western educational philosophy to enhance students’ core literacy and global competence, and cultivate a group of profound Chinese cultural roots, independent thinking and personality, broad international perspective, and integration of Chinese and Western cultures. Students with bicultural connotations. The school will be established as a nine-year boarding school with 45 classes and will officially start school in September 2020.

If you understand the unlimited development prospects of international education, you are seeking a professional international education platform;

If you are tired of the mechanical and repetitive robotic work styles, and the endless creativity and passion, look forward to seeing different scenery every day;

If you are looking forward to a high working environment, I hope to grow and improve rapidly under the leadership of a group of education industry giants;

Come to Lunhua Education, find Bole, who knows my dreams and helps me grow up, and embarks on the future stage of Suzhou Redding School!

Suzhou Lunhua Education and Suzhou Redding School Global Guangfa Hero Post , recruit the following positions:

Principal, Vice principal, Principal Assistant, Administrative staff, IB supervisor/Coordinator, Director of International Department, (Elementary, junior high school) Teachers ( Teachers); Bilingual teachers, Multilingual teachers, Art Teachers, etc. The specific requirements of each post can be seen in the website of Worry-free, Zhilian Recruitment, and Wanhang Teacher Network.

The recruitment channel is open all year round and is open to outstanding talents who meet the following criteria:

Received the honorary title above the city level and those with special specialties;

National famous, special-grade teachers and professor-level special-level teachers, district-level academic leaders, etc.; excellent bilingual teachers who have experienced bilingual teaching;

Excellent teacher who has experience in PYP, MYP and other courses;

Those who have a master’s degree in returnees or have two years of teaching experience abroad.

Suzhou Lunhua Education Investment Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Lunhua Education Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lunhua Education”) was founded in August 2015 by Mr. Cao Lunhua, located in the CBD center of Suzhou High-tech Zone. In order to do different education and let more children enjoy high-quality educational resources, Mr. Cao Lunhua founded Lunhua Education in August 2015, turning the educational concept of more than ten years into a practical path, creating a “world culture field” and cultivating Students’ cross-cultural awareness, social responsibility and global competence. Under the concept of “Bao Rong Tian Xia, Hui Yue Life”, in just over two years, Lunhua Education has three physical schools in three provinces and four places, and there are several kindergartens, early education centers and educational service entities. Pre-school education, basic education, high-end training, foreign talent introduction and training, study guidance, and international education cooperation are integrated into one large-scale educational management organization. It has subsidiaries such as Suzhou Boren Culture Consulting Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Lunzhou Culture Consulting Co., Ltd. The cooperative schools include Suzhou Science and Technology City Foreign Language School, Changshu International School, Jining Confucius International School, Yiwu Qunxing Foreign Language School, and Jining High-tech Zone Chongwen School.

In June 2018, Lunhua Education signed a cooperation agreement with the British Millennium School, Reading School, which enjoys the only naming rights of Reading School in China.

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company address: 1-1208, Lejiahui Business Plaza, 77 Canal Road, High-tech Zone
Postal code: 215,000

Suzhou Science and Technology City Foreign Language School
Suzhou Science and Technology City Foreign Language School (hereinafter referred to as “Su Kewai”) is located in the beautiful Suzhou High-tech Zone Science and Technology City. It officially opened in September 2016. It is a great concern and support of the Party Committee and the government in the High-tech Zone. Next, an international school that is invested by the Suzhou Science and Technology City Management Committee and adopts a cooperative school-running model. Su Ke is an international, ecological, scientific and humanized school that covers pre-school education and nine-year compulsory education. The government has provided a strong policy guarantee for the development of the school, giving the school’s teachers the same full support as the public schools. At the same time, the school can provide teachers with a warmer, more harmonious, more personal development platform and generous treatment with the help of the private model.
contact us:

company address: No. 180, Jialingjiang Road, Science and Technology City, Suzhou High-tech Zone, Suzhou City
Postal code: 215,000

Join us and you will have –

★Good salary and benefits:

Full package of compensation and attractive benefits

– a competitive compensation system;

– an all-dimensional three-dimensional welfare system;

– Special subsidies for outstanding backbone teachers;

– housing subsidies, transportation subsidies;

– holiday benefits and regular labor protection supplies;

★ Unlimited growth space and stage

An infinite stage of growth

Education big hand to help you grow quickly;

Free overseas training and learning opportunities;

Scientific promotion and professional title system;

★ Exquisite service without worries:

Exquisite service

Personal file management and settlement;

Children’s school admission policy;

High standard teacher’s apartment.

All greatness comes from a brave start!

Recruitment position:

Suzhou Redding School

Resume delivery:

E-mail: szlunhuahr@szlunhua.com; xiaolin.j@szlunhua.com

Phone number: 0512-65570136

Suzhou Science and Technology City Foreign Language School

Suzhou Lunhua Education Investment Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Boren Cultural Information Consulting Co., Ltd.





英国千年名校——雷丁学校落户中华 大地!苏州雷丁学校火热招聘全面开启!

苏州雷丁学校由苏州伦华教育、英国雷丁学校、上海 陆家嘴地产三方强强联 手,全力打造。苏州雷丁学校是苏州伦华教育倾力重点打造的一所学校,是伦华教育国际教育版图的新象征。 在创始人曹伦华先生的专业引领下,将20余载国际教育管理的先进理念与成功经验,与英国雷丁学校成熟的国际课程体系、优秀的师资力量相融合,学校将采用纯正英式教育,汲取东西方文化教育之精髓,融汇中西教育制度之精华,以 “精致管理、专业课程、活动载体”为办学特色, 以全球视野、国际标准、中国特色、 高点定位为办学目标,让更多学生享受“不一样的教育”的魅力,享受中西教育哲学的融通,以提升学生的核心素养与全球胜任力,培养一批具有深厚中国文化根基、独立思维和人格、国际视野宽广、融中西双文化内涵的学生。学校将建设成为45个班的九年一贯寄宿制学校,并将于2020年9月正式开学。






校长(Principal)、副校长(Vice principal)、校长助理(Principal Assistant)、 行政中层(Administrative staff)、IB 主管(IB supervisor/Coordinator)、国际部主任 (Director of International Department)、( 小学、初中)各科教师( Teachers);各科双语教师(Bilingual teachers),多语种教师(Multilingual teachers )、艺体类教师(Art Teachers)等。各岗位具体要求可见前程无忧、智联招聘、万行教师网等网站。




有过 PYP、MYP 等课程执教及管理理经验的优秀老师;



苏州伦华教育投资有限公司(以下简称“伦华教育”)于2015年8月由曹伦华先生创办,位于苏州高新区的CBD中心地段。为了办不一样的教育,让更多孩子享受优质的教育资源,曹伦华先生于 2015 年 8 月创办伦华教育,将十余载积淀的教育理念化为实践路径,打造“世界文化场”,培养学生的跨文化意识、社会责任感和全球胜任力。在“博融天下,慧悦人生”理念下,短短两年多,伦华教育在三省四地,拥有多所实体学校,并有若干幼儿园、早教中心以及和教育有关的服务实体,成为集学前教育、基础教育、高端培训、外籍人才引进及培训、留学指导、国际教育合作等于一体的大型教育管理机构,旗下有苏州博人文化咨询有限公司、苏州伦舟文化咨询有限公司等子公司,合作学校有苏州科技城外国语学校、常熟国际学校、济宁孔子国际学校、义乌市群星外国语学校、济宁高新区崇文学校等实体学校。



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Full package of compensation and attractive benefits







An infinite stage of growth





Exquisite service







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