[Guangzhou]Guangzhou Tianhe District Daguan School is looking for the primary school language and physical education teacher for the fall semester of 2018

Guangzhou Tianhe District Daguan School is looking for the announcement of the primary school language and physical education teachers in the fall semester of 2018

Dayuan School, Tianhe District, Guangzhou : A nine-year standardized private school with a set of primary and junior high schools approved by the Tianhe District Education Bureau. There are more than 1,000 students in the school.

    Due to the development needs of the school, the faculty team is optimized. Now we are looking for outstanding teachers in primary and secondary schools in the 2018 school year. We will announce the specific issues as follows:  

First, the position of recruitment:  

       Language (first-year class teacher), junior high school physical education teacher

Second, job requirements:

       1. Compliance with laws and regulations, excellent moral character, good morality of teachers, positive and serious work, pre-emptiveness, and ability to take care of the overall situation; 

       2, work initiative, self-motivated; have a certain degree of education and teaching experience, organizational management, expression, and resilience;  

       3, skilled use of multimedia teaching equipment, personal expertise, love, skilled class teacher work, good at communication; 

       4. Age: Male teachers are under 45 years old, female teachers are under 40 years old (not incumbent public teachers);  

       5, relevant professional college degree or above, have private school work experience, long-term private school work plan is preferred; 

       6. Applicants bring together: copy of valid documents (3 ID cards, 2 diplomas, 2 teacher qualification certificates, 1 other award certificates) and personal paper resumes to the school for interview interviews (copy of documents, Not refundable). 

Third, wages and benefits:

1. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the relevant regulations of the Guangzhou Municipality School, after the expiration of the trial period, purchase social insurance for the teacher (five insurance);

2. Eligible teachers can apply for private teachers to teach allowances, points to Guangzhou, and professional title evaluation;

3. The wages shall be calculated and paid according to the relevant regulations of the school (structured wages), and enjoy the benefits of winter and summer vacations;

4, school accommodation, accommodation, without any accommodation costs.

4. Interview time: Make an appointment by phone from October 1st . If the conditions are right, you can meet the interview.

Fifth, the ride guide:

    You can take the B4, B4A, B4B, B22, B26, 548, 564, 564A, 506, 506A, 448, 903, 902, 508, 325 and other multi-way buses to the Land Resources Engineering School Station and get off (the school address: No. 155, Daguanzhong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, near the subway: Exit D of Huangcun Station on Line 4.

6. Contact number: President Zhang 189 8892 1526


Source: Guangzhou Tianhe District Education Information Center ]






















六、联系电话:张校长 189 8892 1526




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