[Guangzhou]Guangzhou Education System 2019 Campus Recruitment Teachers

2018 Guangzhou Education System Campus Recruitment “Excellent Plan” Announcement

 According to the Interim Provisions on Public Recruiting Personnel in Public Institutions (No. 6 of the Ministry of Personnel of the People’s Republic of China, 2005) and the Measures for Public Recruiting Personnel in Guangdong Provinces (Guangdong Provincial People’s Government Decree No. 139 of 2009), for the better The city attracts outstanding college graduates to work in the Guangzhou education system. The city decided to openly recruit 86 teachers and teachers in Changchun and Nanjing from October to December 2018. The specific matters are announced as follows:

  I. Recruitment units and positions

(1) Brief introduction of the recruitment unit. For details, please refer to the “Contact Information and Website List of the “Quality Planning Program” of the Guangzhou Education System Campus Recruitment in 2018 (Annex 1).

(II) For details of recruitment positions, please refer to the 2018 Guangzhou Education System Campus Recruitment “Excellent Plan” (Changchun Test Center) Job Demand Form (Attachment 2) and “Guangzhou Education System Campus Recruitment “Excellent Plan” (Nanjing) Test site) Job Requirements Table (Annex 3).

 Second, the recruitment target

The candidates are graduates of 2019 graduates of full-time regular higher education institutions (ie graduates who obtained academic qualifications and degree certificates between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019).

Third, the conditions for application

(1) Basic conditions

1. Have nationality of the People’s Republic

2. Obey the Constitution and laws of the People’s Republic of China;

3. Have good conduct and professional ethics;

4. Qualifications and skill requirements for the position;

5. Physical conditions with normal performance of duties and ability to work in accordance with job requirements;

6. Non-Guangzhou City household registration personnel shall comply with the Guangzhou City People’s Government’s “Notice on Strengthening the Population Control and Service Management Work of Our City and the Supporting Documents” (Suifu [2014] No. 10) to stipulate the conditions for the entry of Guangzhou City;

7. Other conditions as stipulated by laws and regulations.

(2) Age conditions

The undergraduate application age should be 18 to 35 years old (ie born between November 30, 1982 and November 30, 2000); the undergraduate application age is under 40 years old (ie born on or after November 30, 1977); a doctoral candidate or a candidate with a deputy senior professional qualification, under the age of 45 (ie born on or after November 30, 1972);

(3) The following persons may not apply for the examination

1. Criminally punished for a crime;

2. The administrative dismissal has not been completed for five years, or is subject to other disciplinary action;

3. The decision of the relevant department is made in violation of the national family planning policy, less than 5 years from the date of the decision;

4. In the past two years, there have been disciplinary actions in the recruitment, hiring, or inspection of institutions and institutions at all levels;

5. The judicial process has not yet ended because of suspected violations of law and discipline, being audited, disciplinary review, or suspected of committing a crime;

6. After hiring, it constitutes an avoidance relationship;

7. Laws, regulations and rules stipulate that it is not appropriate to employ other circumstances as a staff member of a public institution.

Fourth, registration methods and procedures

Take the form of on-site registration and confirm it online or on the “Urban Plan” app.

Before the registration, a live presentation will be held, including the introduction of the employer and the on-site Q&A. On-site registration will be carried out immediately after the presentation.

Time and place of the on-site presentation:

Changchun Test Center: At 09:00 on November 14, 2018, at the Multi-function Hall of the Student Employment Guidance Service Center of the Northeast Normal University Campus (2);

Nanjing test center: At 09:00 on November 28, 2018, at the 313 campus of the Jiaoyuan Campus of Nanjing Normal University.

(1) On-site registration

1. Registration place and time:

Changchun test site location: Multi-function hall of the Student Employment Guidance Service Center of the Northeast Normal University Headquarters (3);

Time: 10:30 to 16:30 on November 14, 2018;

Nanjing test site location: 113, Audio-visual building, Suiyuan Campus, Nanjing Normal University;

Time: November 28, 2018, from 10:30 to 16:30.

The qualification is reviewed at the same time as the registration.

2. Registration method and process:

(1) Candidates apply to the location of the applicant and conduct on-site qualification examination;

The materials to be submitted for on-site qualification review include:

Valid resident ID card, materials that can prove the requirements of the job requirements (student card, employment agreement or employment recommendation form. If some colleges have not yet issued an employment agreement or employment recommendation form, they can provide the seals of the Academic Affairs Office. Professional course transcripts). 
Personnel who study outside the country (the territory) and obtain the academic degree certificate obtained in 2019 must have relevant certification materials at the time of registration.

The above materials must be provided with originals and photocopies;

(2) If the qualification examination is passed, the candidate signs the letter of commitment, and the site is bound by the WeChat, QQ, browser and other tools or the “Excellent Plan” APP scanning the position QR code to bind the position;

(3) Candidates use the “Yucai Program” APP within the specified time period or register in the “Urban Project” column of the Campus of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality. System, complete online registration confirmation.


1. On-site registration is only accepted by the candidate himself and is not accepted by others.

2. Each candidate can only apply for one position at the same test site. The candidates who have signed the contract at the Changchun test center will no longer accept the application for registration.

3. Candidates who have been bound to apply for a position to change the applicant (post), can return to the original application unit to unbind once, and then re-post the position (Note: each candidate can only be untied once);

4. The professional name and code refer to the “Professional Reference Catalogue for Civil Servants in Guangdong Province 2018” (see Attachment 4). If the majors of the candidates are not included in the above professional catalogue or no professional code, the recruiting unit is also recognized as a similar professional. Can apply for the exam.

5. It is recommended that candidates download the “Youca Program” APP and register to log in. At that time, you can process the on-site registration, confirmation and other processes in the mobile APP client, as well as information such as test scores, medical examination results, inspection status, and contracted list. In order to avoid the network congestion on the day of registration, please be sure to download the “Youca Plan” APP and register the relevant information in advance. You can use the “Excellent Plan” APP mobile phone scanning QR code to register and confirm on the day of registration. “Youca Project” APP download URL: http://www.hrssgz.gov.cn/GzKsxt_sydwkl2006_02_20/ycjh/app/download.html

(2) Online registration confirmation

Candidates can use the “Excellent Program” APP or log in to the “Excellent Program” column to complete the online registration confirmation within the specified time. Those who do not confirm within the specified time are deemed to have voluntarily quit.

confirm the time:

Changchun test center: November 14th, 2018, from 10:00 to 20:00;

Nanjing test center: November 28, 2018, from 10:00 to 20:00.

“Excellent Plan” APP Confirmation Process: Download the “Excellent Plan” APP and register to log in – fill in the information and upload photos – submit and confirm the registration success.

Guangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau official website business unit campus recruitment “excellent plan” column confirmation process: registration landing – fill in the information and upload photos – submit and confirm the registration success.

(3) Admission ticket printing

1. Admission ticket printing time:

Changchun test site: It is expected to be after 12:00 on November 16, 2018 (subject to change, otherwise notified).

Nanjing test site: It is expected to be after 12:00 on November 30, 2018 (subject to change, otherwise notified).

2. Candidates must log in to the online registration system to print the admission ticket within the specified time.

 V. Examination methods and contents

The test is conducted by written test and interview. The overall score is 100%. The written and interview scores accounted for 30% and 70% of the combined results, respectively.

The written test content is related to the professional knowledge related to the recruitment position; the interview form is the test presentation, professional skills assessment, etc., and will be notified separately.

(1) Written test

1. Written test time and place:

Changchun test center: Time: It is expected to be on the morning of November 17, 2018; Location: (specifically, the admission ticket shall prevail).

Nanjing test center: Time: It is expected to be on the morning of December 1, 2018; Location: (specifically, the admission ticket shall prevail).

Candidates take the exam with their admission ticket and ID card.

2. The written test scores are based on the percentage system, and the written test scores of 60 points or above can enter the interview process.

3. The written test results and interview list will be announced on the “Excellent Talents” column, the “Guangzhou Youcai Project” WeChat public account, and the “Youca Plan” APP after the written test. Candidates can check through the above channels.

4. In order to ensure the competitiveness and fairness of the recruitment work, the proportion of the written test is not less than 1:3 in principle. If the proportion of the test is not reached, the actual test may be taken or the position may be reduced or cancelled accordingly.

5. Those who have a doctoral degree or a senior professional title will enter the interview directly after the online registration and on-site qualification verification. The interview result is the final total score.

(2) Interview

1. Time: The next day of the written test (subject to the notice).

2. Location: (Subject to the notice).

3. Interview candidates are ranked according to the written test scores from high to low, determined by the ratio of 1:5. If there is a person who enters the interview range and gives up the interview and informs in advance, the other candidates will be replenished in the same position according to the written test scores from high to low. If the number of interviewers does not reach this ratio, the interviewee will be determined according to the actual number of qualified participants.

4. The interview will be based on the percentage system. The results will be announced to the candidates on the spot and confirmed by the candidates. The passing score of the interview results is 60 points.

5. The interviewee must conduct an interview at the specified time and place. Those who do not participate in the interview according to the specified time or place are deemed to have given up automatically.

Six, on-site signing

According to the high and low order of the candidates’ comprehensive scores, the number of candidates for employment is determined according to the ratio of 1:1 positions. The comprehensive scores and the list of contracted personnel are in the “Excellent Talents” column and the “Guangzhou Youcai Project” WeChat public in time after the interview. No., “Excellent Plan” APP announced, candidates can be inquired through the above channels.

On the next day of the interview, the recruiting unit will sign a tripartite agreement (specifically for further notice) with the candidates entering the medical examination and inspection candidates, and stipulate medical examinations and other matters.

  Seven, inspection

Investigate in accordance with the Notice of the Organization Department of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Rules for the Investigation of Public Recruiting Personnel in Guangdong Province (Trial Implementation) (Yue Ren She Fa [2010] No. 276) carried out.

 Eight, make up

If there are vacancies in the proposed position due to the following circumstances, other candidates may be replenished in the same position in order of high-to-low scores:

(1) The candidate’s medical examination or inspection is unqualified;

(2) The result of the proposed recruitment of candidates affects the employment;

(3) It is proposed to appoint a candidate to waive the employment;

(4) Other circumstances that lead to the vacancy of the proposed job.

Nine, hiring and treatment

(1) Candidates who have no objection after the expiration of the publicity shall go through the employment procedures in accordance with the relevant regulations after graduation, sign the employment contract, and implement the trial period system.

(2) The employed personnel shall be the staff of the institution, and the wages shall be implemented in accordance with the wage policy of the Guangzhou Municipal Government.

  Ten, matters needing attention

(1) You must carefully read this announcement before you register, and you can apply for all the qualifications that meet the requirements of the position. Those who do not register according to the prescribed conditions will be disqualified immediately upon discovery.

(2) Candidates must abide by the principle of good faith. Candidates who are eligible to participate in the interview must make a commitment not to voluntarily give up the interview, medical examination, and eligibility for employment. At the same time, they must also make a commitment to be paid on time if they are hired, and the list of untrustworthy persons who violate the promise.

(3) The admission ticket is an important document for the candidates to participate in the written test, interview, physical examination, etc., please keep it in a safe place. Candidates must also bring an admission ticket and an ID card when they participate in a written test, interview, or physical examination; those who do not have the right to participate in the examination may not participate.

(4) This recruitment does not charge any application fees, does not hold, does not entrust any organization to hold an examination counseling training class, and does not specify any reference books and materials. Any remedial classes, counseling websites or published publications, reference materials, and Internet cards held in the name of the institution’s examination proposition group and specialized training institutions in the society are not related to this recruitment.

(5) For the convenience of management, non-Guangzhou household registration candidates must move their household registration to Guangzhou after the employment.

Eleven, other

(1) The identity certificate provided by the applicant and the qualification materials required for the job position shall be true and valid. If it is found to be fraudulent, the applicant shall be disqualified.

(2) For the examination registration, admission ticket printing, results inquiry, results announcement, etc., please refer to the “Yucai Program” APP mobile client or “Yucai Program” column (www.hrssgz.gov.cn), or you can pay attention to “ Guangzhou Youcai Project” WeChat public number.

(3) Matters not covered, subject to the interpretation of the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau.

Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau 
October 30, 2018


1, 2018 Guangzhou Education System Campus Recruitment “Excellent Plan” (Changchun, Nanjing Test Site) unit contact information and website list. xls

2, 2018 Guangzhou Education System Campus Recruitment “Excellent Plan” (Changchun Test Center) Job Demand Form.xls

3, 2018 Guangzhou Education System Campus Recruitment “Excellent Plan” (Nanjing Test Site) Job Demand Form.xls

4, Guangdong Province 2018 exam recruitment civil servant professional reference directory. xls












1. 具有中华人民共和国国籍;

2. 遵守中华人民共和国宪法和法律;

3. 具有良好的品行和职业道德;

4. 具有岗位所需的资格条件及技能要求;

5. 具有正常履行职责的身体条件和符合岗位要求的工作能力;

6. 非广州市户籍人员应符合广州市人民政府《关于加强我市人口调控和服务管理工作的意见及配套文件的通知》(穗府〔2014〕10号)规定的广州市户口迁入条件;

7. 法律法规规定的其他条件。




1. 因犯罪受过刑事处罚的;

2. 受行政开除处分未满五年,或受其他处分正在处分期内的;

3. 因违反国家计划生育政策被有关部门作出处理决定,从该处理决定作出之日起未满5年的;

4. 近两年内在各级机关事业单位招录(聘)考试、体检或考察中存在违纪行为的;

5. 因涉嫌违法违纪正在接受审计、纪律审查,或者涉嫌犯罪,司法程序尚未终结的;

6. 聘用后即构成回避关系的;

7. 法律法规和规章规定不宜聘用为事业单位工作人员的其他情形。






















1. 现场报名只接受考生本人参加,不接受他人代报。

2. 每位考生在同一个考点只能报考一个岗位,长春考点已经签约的考生,南京考点不再接受报名申请。

3. 已绑定应聘岗位的考生如想更换报考单位(岗位),可回原报考单位解除绑定一次,再重新进行岗位绑定(注:每位考生只能解绑一次);

4. 专业名称及代码参照《广东省2018年考试录用公务员专业参考目录》(见附件4),如考生所学专业未列入上述专业目录或无专业代码,经招聘单位认定为相近专业的也可报考。

5. 建议考生下载“优才计划”APP并注册登陆,届时均可在手机APP客户端处理现场报名、确认等流程,以及查询考试成绩、体检结果、考察情况、签约名单等信息。为避免现场报名当日网络拥堵,敬请各位考生务必提前下载“优才计划”APP并实名注册相关信息,报名当日即可采用“优才计划”APP现场手机扫描二维码报名和确认。“优才计划”APP下载网址:http://www.hrssgz.gov.cn/GzKsxt_sydwkl2006_02_20/ycjh/app/download.html









1. 准考证打印时间:



2. 考生必须在规定时间内自行登录网上报名系统打印准考证。





1. 笔试时间和地点:




2. 笔试成绩采取百分制,笔试成绩达到60分及以上才能进入面试程序。

3. 笔试成绩和面试名单于笔试结束后在“优才计划”专栏、“广州优才计划”微信公众号、“优才计划”APP上公布,考生可通过上述渠道查询。

4. 为确保招聘工作的竞争性和公正性,笔试开考比例原则上不低于1:3,达不到开考比例的,可视实际情况开考或相应减少或取消岗位。



1. 时间:笔试次日(具体以通知为准)。

2. 地点: (具体以通知为准)。

3. 面试人选根据笔试成绩从高到低排序,按招聘岗位1:5的比例确定。如有进入面试范围人选放弃面试并提前告知的,在同一岗位按照笔试成绩从高到低顺序依次递补其他考生。面试人数达不到该比例的,按实际合格人数确定面试对象。

4. 面试采取百分制,成绩当场向考生宣布,并由考生签名确认。面试成绩合格分数为60分。

5. 面试对象须按规定的时间、地点进行面试。不按规定时间、地点参加面试的,视为自动放弃。