[Shenzhen]Shenzhen Guangming District Education System 2019 Campus Recruitment Teachers

Shenzhen Guangming District Education System 2019 Campus Recruitment Teacher

Introduction to Guangming District, Shenzhen

Administrative division

Guangming District is located in the northwest of Shenzhen, with a total area of ​​156.1 square kilometers. There are 6 communities in Guangming, Gongming, Xinhu, Fenghuang, Yutang and Martin. There are 31 communities.

2. Location traffic

Guangming District has superior location conditions and convenient external transportation. The two high-speed highways in Nanguang and Longda are connected to Dongguan in the north and Futian and Nanshan in the south. The large outer ring highway under construction runs through Shenzhen and east, with Huizhou in the east and Zhongshan in the west. The No. 6 line under construction is connected to Songgang Line 11 in the north and to the Science Museum in the south. Line 6 branch line is connected with Dongguan rail transit, and the north extension section of Line 13 will pass through Guangming directly to Dongguan Songshan Lake; Guangshen Hong Kong Passenger Special and Yushen Guest will set up in Guangming; Guangming and Futian, Nanshan and Dakong Port are all in “ 30 minutes of traffic circle.”

3. Ecological environment

The Guangming District ecological control line covers an area of ​​83.6 square kilometers, accounting for 53.6% of the total land area. The basic farmland area is 880 hectares, accounting for 44% of the city. The water surface area of ​​Gongming Reservoir is more than 6 square kilometers. It has unique ecological landscape resources of landscape lakes. At the same time, Guangming District is the first batch of green ecological demonstration city, green building demonstration zone and new urbanization comprehensive pilot unit. The first batch of recycling reform pilot parks in South China and the second batch of pilot cities in the national sponge city are rare in the city. A green city with a blend of scenery and modern urbanity.

4. Industry base

Guangming District is located at the core node of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor and the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. It is an integral part of the industrial development axis of the Western High-tech Group and the Shenzhen-Shenzhong Industrial Development Center planned and constructed in Shenzhen. It has been an important advanced manufacturing base in the city. Since its establishment 11 years ago, it has initially formed a new generation of information technology industry as the leading factor, new materials, biology and other emerging industries to gather and develop, and the traditional industrial bases such as watches, molds and underwear have been continuously transformed and upgraded.

5. Education environment

Guangming District aims to implement eco-education that the people are satisfied with, implements life education, and realizes the leap-forward development of education in a fast-paced manner, completing the gorgeous turn from rural education to modern urban education. Up to now, Guangming District has 113 schools of various types of districts, including 22 public primary and secondary schools, 13 private primary and secondary schools, 77 kindergartens, and 1 school. There are 104,000 students in the school. A total of 46 district-level featured projects and 325 school-based special courses have been built in each school. The situation has led to the orientation of sports and the characteristics of various schools, and the formation of “people without me, people with me, excellent people” I am a “smart” school style.

6. Looking to the future

Guangming will adhere to innovation, coordination, green, openness, sharing new development concepts, seize the strategic opportunity of Shenzhen “North Extension”, accelerate the construction of a scientific new city that leads the source of innovation, a new industrial city with high-end business clusters, and a beautiful new city with harmonious human and nature. We will build a happy new city that will be shared and shared, accelerate the construction of quality and innovative intelligent and strong areas, modern and international green areas, and build a world-class science city with a strong influence on competitiveness and the northern center of Shenzhen. By 2020, high-quality and comprehensively built a well-off society will basically build regional education and medical care and innovative highland and high-tech industrial bases. By 2035, we will realize socialist modernization, striving for a national comprehensive science center, and building a northern center in Shenzhen. By the middle of this century, build a world-class science city with outstanding competitiveness.

Guangming District Education System is open to recruiting teachers for 2019 graduates

 In order to supplement the staff, Shenzhen Guangming District Education System Institution will go to Huazhong Normal University (Wuhan), Southwest University (Chongqing), Northeast Normal University (Changchun) in November, and will be openly recruited for 2019 graduates. There are 106 teachers. For specific posts, please refer to the “Shenzhen Guangming District Education System’s Open Recruitment Teacher Jobs Form in November 2018” (see Attachments 1, 2, and 3, hereinafter referred to as “Recruitment Jobs”). :

I. Recruitment objects, conditions and related requirements

(1) Recruitment target

Full-time graduates from September 1st, 2018 to August 31st, 2019, who graduated from key institutions, can apply for the requirements of this announcement and the requirements for the application.

(2) Recruitment conditions

1. Have nationality of the People’s Republic

2. Compliance with laws and regulations, good conduct;

3. Have physical and psychological conditions for performing duties;

4. Meet the qualifications stipulated in this announcement and the “Recruitment Position Form”.

(3) Relevant requirements

1. The graduates referred to in this announcement refer to graduates who have obtained a bachelor’s degree or above and a bachelor’s degree or above from a full-time general higher education enrollment program (compulsory and restricted courses). If you fail to pass the exam, you will not be allowed to apply for the exam. If you pass the exam, you can apply for it.) If such personnel meet the recruitment requirements and are short-listed for examination, have not been dispatched or have been dispatched but have not been transferred, they must provide a national uniform dispatch registration card at the time of registration.

2. Requirements for applying for academic qualifications

Applicants must obtain a bachelor’s degree or above and a bachelor’s degree or above through full-time general higher education. Low-education can not apply for positions with high academic qualifications. High-education can apply for positions with low academic qualifications, but must meet the professional requirements of the post, and must have a corresponding degree with a high degree.

Graduate degree examinations, in addition to graduate degree holders should meet the professional requirements of the position, but also should have a degree corresponding to the graduate profession.

For example, the position requires a full-time undergraduate degree or above, a bachelor’s degree or above, and a major in mathematics.

A candidate is a full-time postgraduate, master’s degree, and physics major in 2019; full-time undergraduate degree, bachelor’s degree, and mathematics major. Due to the inconsistency of the postgraduate majors, although the undergraduate majors are met, they are not undergraduate students, so they do not meet the requirements.

B candidates are graduates of full-time graduates in 2019. They do not have a master’s degree or a major in mathematics. Because the candidate does not have a degree corresponding to the postgraduate major, it does not meet the requirements.

3. Requirements for the application profession

(1) The majors of fresh graduates must be consistent with the requirements of the post. If the majors match, please refer to the “Professional Reference Catalogue” (see Attachment 5). If the candidates are not included in the catalogue, the majors and positions they have studied are More than 70% of the required courses for professional majors are required to be considered identical.

(2) Undergraduate majors are “educational” (B0401) or postgraduate majors are “educational” (A0401), and the professional research direction is consistent with the requirements of the subject, which is considered to meet professional requirements.

(3) Applicants have 2 diplomas and 2 degree certificates (4 certificates), which can be applied for the second degree. If the minor in the undergraduate course cannot be verified by the Ministry of Education, and there is no separate diploma and degree certificate, you cannot apply for the corresponding position as a minor.

4. Requirements for the age of application

The maximum age limit is unified to 40 years of age (ie born after October 23, 1977).

5. Requirements for teacher qualification certificates

Candidates should obtain the corresponding teacher qualification certificate (such as the high school teacher qualification certificate for high school positions, junior high school or above teacher qualification certificate for junior high school positions, and the non-eligibility for primary school teacher qualification certificate; Primary school or above teacher qualification certificate).

(4) If one of the following circumstances is not accepted, the application will not be accepted.

1. Persons who have been criminally punished, disciplined by the party, or are being accepted by the relevant departments for review;

2. Since November 2013, he has participated in the recruitment of personnel in Shenzhen Municipal institutions and institutions who have been identified as having cheating in exams;

3. The completion of the syllabus stipulates that the content of the study is completed and graduated;

4. Graduates of military academies in non-local classes;

Graduated in August 5.2018 (including students who have suspended employment) and those who graduated in September 2019 and later;

6. Active military personnel;

7. Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.

Second, apply for examination and qualification review

(1) Online forecasting method and time

Candidates are required to log in to the website of the recruitment forecast website (http://baoming.root3.cn) from the date of publication of this announcement to the website of the recruitment forecast website (http://baoming.root3.cn) to print the name of the online forecast and print the “Open Recruitment of Shenzhen Guangming District Education System”. Teacher Registration Form, and bring relevant application materials to participate in on-site registration and qualification examination according to the prescribed time.

(2) Registration method and time

1. Take the form of on-site registration.

Candidates must prepare relevant application materials in accordance with the announcement requirements, participate in on-site registration and conduct qualification examination. Candidates who have not made an online forecast can also download the “Application Form for Open Recruitment of Education System of Guangming District Education System in Shenzhen” (see Attachment 4, hereinafter referred to as “Application Form”), and participate in on-site registration together with relevant application materials.

2. Registration time and location:

(1) On November 8, 2018, from 9:00 to 12:00, the Employment Department of Huazhong Normal University;

(2) November 20, 2018, 9:00-12:00, Southwest University Employment Center;

(3) November 27, 2018, 9:00-12:00, Northeast Normal University Employment Center;

(3) Precautions for registration

1. Each person is limited to 1 job. Candidates who have confirmed that they have entered the physical examination section cannot apply for the positions of other test sites in our district.

2. Register in strict accordance with the requirements of the post. If the personal conditions are inconsistent with the requirements for the application, the test results will be invalid, and all consequences will be borne by the applicant himself.

3. The contact number provided by the applicant should be accurate and ensure that the contact can be promptly contacted; the consequences caused by providing the wrong contact information shall be borne by the applicant himself.

(4) Application materials

Candidates should provide original materials for verification by the reviewer and keep a copy.

1. Registration form (original, photo, signature);

2. ID card (copy);

3. Graduate recommendation form (photocopy) (with the official “Graduate Assignment Office” or “Student Employment Guidance Center” or “Student Department” official seal, the official recommendation form of the graduate student is also stamped with the official title of “Graduate School” Yes, the department’s recommendation (there is no need to provide it in the recommendation form); if the candidate is unable to provide the recommendation form during the qualification examination, the department’s recommendation should be provided.

4. Transcripts (copy, need to be affixed with the official seal of the department);

5. Teacher qualification certificate (applicants are required to provide corresponding teacher qualification certificates. If they are temporarily unavailable at the time of registration, they must submit a letter of commitment for their teacher qualification (see Appendix 6 for the template), and promise to be within 1 year after graduation (from the date of graduation certificate) At the beginning, the teacher qualification certificate required for the job is obtained, otherwise the qualification for employment is cancelled. The candidate must provide the corresponding teacher qualification certificate when applying for the employment;

6. If the applicant is a graduate student, he or she must also provide a bachelor’s degree or a degree certificate;

7. Other award certificates, works and other materials.

8. In the following cases, the corresponding materials shall be provided as required.

(1) The “Educational Degrees Certificate” issued by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education shall be provided when the qualifications of returned overseas students are reviewed. If you have not obtained the “Professional Degree Certificate for Foreign Education”, you can accept the qualification examination for the “Provisional Certificate of Overseas Students’ Eligibility” issued by the local foreign expert bureau. If you have not graduated, you must provide the time of study and graduation issued by the institution. Proof and the confirmation letter of the Chinese embassies and consulates abroad; all returned overseas students must pass the examinations, inspections and physical examinations, and must apply for the employment procedures with the Foreign Academic Degrees Certificate.

(2) If a domestic university or a foreign university jointly runs a school, it shall be submitted to the domestic college graduates for examination, and the corresponding certificates issued by domestic institutions shall be provided at the time of qualification examination. If a domestic university or a foreign university jointly runs a foreign degree, it is required to provide the “Joint Education Degree Evaluation Opinion” issued by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education.

(3) If the local class graduates of the military academy apply for the examination, they must provide the local birth certificate issued by the institution.

(5) Qualification review

Candidates are required to provide relevant materials when registering. The recruiting unit organizes experts to conduct qualification examinations for candidates, and combines the characteristics of the posts, and through the methods of interviewing materials, interviews, etc., and based on the comprehensive evaluation of the applicants’ performance, the finalists are selected. The list of short-listed interviewers is determined by not exceeding 5 times the number of candidates for each position.

The number of candidates for each job position can be adjusted accordingly by the expert group.

1. If the expert group comprehensively judges and selects more qualified candidates for recruitment, it can increase the number of candidates for recruitment.

2. If the expert group has comprehensively judged and found that there are no suitable candidates or suitable candidates in the recruitment position, the recruitment of the position or the number of candidates to be hired may be cancelled.

(6) Other requirements

1. The examination materials provided by the applicants must be complete and guaranteed to be true. If the materials are not uniform, they will not be allowed to enter the interview. If they are falsified, they will be disqualified from registration. They are not allowed to participate in the recruitment of public officials in Guangming District of Shenzhen within 5 years.

2. Applicants must go to the site to register and Qualify on time.

3. The qualification examination is only a preliminary examination of the materials provided by the applicants, and the results of the examination at the time of the employment procedures of the Shenzhen Guangming District Organization and Personnel Bureau shall prevail.

Third, the interview

This recruitment will take an interview to directly determine the way to recruit candidates.

Please register the candidates to keep the mobile phone unblocked, and the test team will notify the candidates for interviews by phone or SMS. At the same time, the shortlisted interviewers will be announced on the Guangming District Government’s online website (http://www.szgm.gov.cn/), and the finalist interview list and announcement will be announced: Huazhong Normal University test site: November 9th 17 Before 00, Southwest University test center: Before 17:00 on November 21, Northeast Normal University test site: before 17:00 on November 28th.

(1) The time, place and interview form of the interview. When the shortlisted interview list is announced, it will be announced simultaneously. The applicant will participate in the interview with the original ID card.

(2) The interview qualification line and the results are announced. The interview qualification line is 70 points. After the candidate’s interview is over, the candidates’ interview results will be announced on the spot.

(3) Determining the person to be hired. After all the candidates have finished the interview, each candidate will be selected from the high-scoring to low-scoring candidates according to the interview results. If the interview results are the same, the recruitment unit will determine the candidate for the interview.

(4) Signing an employment agreement. The interview results, the list of candidates to be hired and the signing of the tripartite employment agreement will be announced on the online website of Guangming District Government of Shenzhen within 3 working days after the interview (http://www.szgm.gov.cn/). If the person to be hired is required to provide an employment agreement to sign the employment agreement according to the notification requirements, if the employment agreement is not signed within the specified time, the employment agreement shall be deemed to be abandoned. The resulting job vacancy may be combined with the actual employer. The situation determines whether to make a supplement (if it needs to be replenished, it will be replenished from high to low according to the interview results).

Fourth, physical examination, inspection, publicity

(1) Physical examination

The medical examination time and the medical examination hospital will be notified separately. The medical examination standards shall be implemented in accordance with the “Physical Examination Standards for Guangdong Teachers’ Qualification Applicants (Revised in 2013)”. The medical examination hospital will sign the medical examination on the medical examination form, and the medical examination will not be accepted. The person to be recruited shall participate in the medical examination on time, and if he or she does not attend the medical examination on time, it shall be deemed to have voluntarily waived the qualification for employment. Those who fail to pass the medical examination will not enter the inspection.

(2) Investigation

Candidates who pass the medical examination will enter the inspection process. The proposed unit shall assess the moral, energy, diligence, performance and integrity of the proposed personnel and review the qualifications of the candidates. If the inspection is unqualified, the qualification for the appointment is cancelled.

(3) Publicity

The list of qualified candidates for medical examination and inspection will be announced on the online website of Guangming District Government of Shenzhen for 7 days.

V. Employment

(1) Handling procedures

If the person to be hired has been publicized, no complaints or complaints are found to be false or the complaints are true but do not affect the employment, and the relevant regulations on employment, avoidance, etc. are not violated, the Guangming District Culture and Sports Bureau shall report to the Guangming District Organized Personnel Bureau for the employment record. Procedures, the employed personnel are managed according to the new post management system and related policies of the city. If there is no justifiable reason (excluding the promised teacher qualification certificate) within 1 year (from the date of the interview), if the employment procedures are not completed, the qualification for employment shall be cancelled.

If the applicant is not satisfied with the conditions of employment and has any evidence, it shall not be employed; if the complaint is difficult to verify at one time, the employment shall be suspended, and it shall be determined and approved before deciding whether to hire.

(2) Signing an employment contract

For those who have gone through the formalities of employment, the employer signs a contract with him for a five-year period. During the term of employment, if the hiring personnel intends to transfer from the unit, it shall be deemed as a breach of contract, and the unit may not handle the transfer procedure.

The hiring personnel are all subject to a 12-month probationary period. The probationary period is included in the 5-year employment period. If the probationary period expires and the assessment is qualified, they will continue to be employed. If the hiring personnel does not meet the qualification requirements for recruitment, but has already applied for the employment procedures, the recruiting unit shall be ordered to terminate the employment contract. If the employer violates the rules, it shall be ordered to be retired and the relevant personnel shall be investigated for responsibility.

Six other matters

(1) Those who have been publicly recruited to enter the permanent posts of the public institutions of the city, and implement the system of pension and occupational annuity for staff of Shenzhen government institutions.

(2) New graduates must obtain a diploma or degree certificate that meets the requirements for admission before August 31, 2019, otherwise they will be disqualified.

(3) Those units and candidates who violate the relevant regulations on the recruitment of public institutions in the city and the provisions of this announcement in the recruitment process will be dealt with seriously according to relevant regulations.

(4) The date or number referred to in this announcement includes this number.

(5) The calculation of the relevant qualifications and other qualifications is as of October 23, 2018.

(6) After graduating, the person to be hired shall be reported to the Education Department of the Guangming District Culture and Sports Bureau of Shenzhen by the registration card. The Education Department shall handle the employment procedures in a unified manner and arrange for the district school to disqualify the hiring qualification.

(7) Recruitment inquiry URL

Shenzhen Guangming District Government Online Website http://www.szgm.gov.cn/

(8) Tel: 0755-88211817

  Guangming District Culture and Sports Bureau

  October 24, 2018
























































































































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