[China]C&F School is hiring Foreign Teacher

Foreign Teacher


1、Class preparing and teaching jobs;

2、Teaching and research;

3、Training and teaching assessment;


1、Bachelor degree in any discipline, English & Business Management majors are preferred.

2、 Teachers with teaching certifications are preferred. Certifications include but are not limited to CELTA, TESOL, TEFL, etc.

3、 Teachers with experience of teaching content courses are preferred. Content courses include but are not limited to AP, GRE, SAT, SSAT, etc.

4、 Teachers with focus for detailed work, high sense of responsibility and a good spirit of cooperation are preferred.


Salary = Fixed salary (¥7,400/ month) + Allowance for class (¥250~350/hour).

Native speakers with teaching experience of more than 1 year are preferred.

Estimated income: If the teacher has 15 classes (please note that each foreign teachers’ class is 40 minutes long) per week, he/she will receive a salary of 7,245 (fixed salary after tax) + 200*15 classes*4 weeks (300/hour or 200/class) = ¥19,245/month (after tax);


1、Commercial Medical Insurance provided for employees.

2、Vacation: The employees of the school are provided with the statutory holiday of 11 days and 20~30 days of annual leave.

3、Free flight tickets to the teacher’s native country ( teachers can get a free round ticket every time the contract is renewed; first year contract —— 1 round ticket; second year contract ——2 round tickets under teacher or teacher’s spouse or children’s name.


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Floor, Block 4, Qi Cai Jun Yunan Office Building. #403 Bai Ta Road Exented Line, Panlong District, Kunming, Yunnan, China


Founded by the Community for the Community

Established in 2006 in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, C&F School has been providing top-quality educational resources for locals. At the end of 2017, the School had a total of 40,000 current and perspective students.


2018  Jan. 15

C&F Bookstore finished construction in 2018.



2016  Dec. 25

C&F School’s C86 English Teaching and Research Center was established in 2016.


2012  Dec. 10

C&F School relocated to QICAIJUNYUAN Campus in 2012.


2010  Autumn

C&F School’s MOMA Campus was established in 2010.


2006  Summer

C&F School was established in 2006.