[China]Teach For China 2019 Teacher Recruitment

Beautiful China 2019-2021 Project Teacher Recruitment

Beautiful Chinese Teaching Project:

Established in 2008, Teach For China is an educational non-profit project under the Beijing Lide Future Aid Foundation. The China Children and Teenagers’ Fund is a long-term public partnership partner of Beautiful China.

The Beijing Lide Future Aid Foundation is a non-public fundraising foundation registered with the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and a foundation recognized as a charitable organization in earlier batches in Beijing. Since its inception, Lide has maintained a continuous 100 points in the China-based transparency index released by the Foundation Center Network, making it one of the most transparent foundations in the country.

Beautiful China found the problem:

There are serious imbalances in educational resources in China today: tens of millions of children in poor areas cannot receive quality education, and the educational resources they receive are far less than those of their peers in urban areas.

The imbalance of educational resources is a far-reaching issue for China in the future. Its causes are complex and involve a wide range. At the same time, the basic education industry is generally attracting difficulties in attracting top talent.

Beautiful China is solving the problem: 
“Let all Chinese children, regardless of their origin, get the same quality education”

Beautiful Chinese teaching mode

Through the “two-year rotation system”, the project will deliver multiple batches of project teachers for two years of long-term service, achieving multiple posts and providing a stable and stable faculty for educational resources-poor areas. At the same time, two-year project experience and professional training support Let the project teachers experience solid grassroots teaching practice, make it possible to provide quality education and promote youth growth, and accumulate a large number of future talents for the balanced development of China’s educational resources.

Beautiful Chinese characteristics dispatch mode: Based on the “two-year rotation system”, the beautiful Chinese project teacher has served as the class teacher of the same class and the teacher of the main subject department in the three years of primary school and three years in the junior high school. Students form a “Beautiful Chinese Class” mode. This dispatch mode not only enables the project to achieve accurate recruitment, precision training and dispatch, but also enables the advantages of the beautiful Chinese project teachers to be maximized. The project concept will continue to have a more profound impact on students.

Project influence

Since 2008, Beautiful China has delivered more than 1,900 project teachers to the under-resourced areas. They are distributed in nearly 300 primary and secondary schools, affecting more than 427,000 students and teaching more than 1,534,000 lessons. 
Beautiful Chinese Classroom and Community Influence: Achieving Breakthrough in Education for Students and Communities in Two 
Years In the 2017-2018 school year, project teachers led students to make significant progress in their academic performance:

Outside the classroom, the beautiful Chinese project teacher initiated the project to bring breakthrough development to students and the community:

In the 2017-2018 school year, 76% of project teachers conducted 874 independent projects. According to incomplete statistics, the project teacher’s independent project directly affects 207,124 students, parents and local teachers
Long-term influence of beautiful China: 
cultivating talents who are capable and committed to promoting the breakthrough development of Chinese education 
. The two years of project teachers in the classroom are just the beginning of their profound influence on students. After the end of the two-year education period, the previous project teachers went to education, public welfare, government, universities and various commercial organizations to work and further study after completing the project. They continued to improve the imbalance of educational resources in their positions in various industries. Play a long-lasting influence.

Among the current 1001 previous project teachers:

Beautiful Chinese public influence:

“I have been to a lot of places where educational resources are lacking. The children there are not lacking talent but lacking good teachers and opportunities. This is why I became a supporter of beautiful China after retirement and fully supported rural education!”

Liu Zepeng The 
chairman of the beautiful China, the former deputy director of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the Standing Committee of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference,
 use their own knowledge and talents to teach students not only the knowledge, but also the methods of church learning and the interest in learning. A few beautiful Chinese teachers have revitalized a school! Beautiful China, not only students, but also teachers. In all public welfare undertakings, children’s public welfare is the most valuable.

Wu Chunyuan 
Director of AAC Technologies

Learn more about beautiful China:

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Apply to join the project
  • Project teacher application requirements:

     Obtained a bachelor degree or above before July 2019;

     Agile, creative and positive learning attitudes;

     Excellent learning ability, initiative and self-motivation, can bear the pressure;

     Excellent communication, communication, influence and ability to lead others forward;

     Be good at finding problems, analyzing problems, and being passionate about solving challenging problems.

  • In the beautiful two-year project in China, you will:

     Influence and change the future of a group of children through education;

     Achieve all-round growth in a challenging environment with like-minded teammates;

     Be a future talent with the ability and long-term commitment to promote the balanced development of China’s education;

     Have high-quality alumni network resources.

  • Project treatment:

     Allowances: teaching allowances, incentives, holiday subsidies, employment subsidies;

     Accommodation: provided by the local school;

     Holiday: Parallel to the primary and secondary school system;

     Training: Provide regular teaching and career development training;

     Insurance: Purchase commercial insurance for the project teacher.

application process:

Online Application – Online Assessment – Participation in Interview – Signing Agreement – Summer Training

Presentation tour:




美丽中国 (Teach For China) 成立于2008年,是北京立德未来助学公益基金会下设的教育非营利项目。中国儿童少年基金会是美丽中国的长期公募合作伙伴。











2008年至今,美丽中国已累计为教育资源匮乏地区输送了超过1900位项目老师,他们分布在近300所中小学的课堂上,总计影响了超过427,000人次的学生,累计教授超过1,534,000 节课。









如有其它问题和疑问,请致信recruiting@tfchina.org 或致电 010-65015421转6000

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  • 在美丽中国两年的项目中,你将:





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