[Guangzhou]The third recruitment of full-time teachers in the 2018 year of Wuyi Primary School in Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Announcement of the third recruitment of full-time teachers in the 2018 year of Wuyi Primary School in Tianhe District, Guangzhou


     In order to further attract and condense outstanding talents, optimize the allocation of educational resources, and strengthen the construction of the teaching staff, our unit is now hiring a full-time hiring full-time teacher for the society.

     I. Scope, location, position and number of recruiters

 (1) The scope of recruiters.

    2018 graduates (including graduates with valid suspension of employment agreements) and social workers.

   (2) Place of recruitment.

    This recruitment is set up at the Wuyi Primary School in Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

   (3) Recruitment positions and numbers.

    A total of 1 primary school teachers were recruited; the conditions for recent graduates and social workers are not limited. (See the attachment for the categories, subjects and positions of recruitment).

    Second, recruitment conditions

    1. Have the nationality of the People’s Republic of China and enjoy the political rights of citizens;

    2. Love education, obey the law, behave well, have good professional ethics; no violation of laws and regulations;

    3. Healthy and competent in the job position;

    4. In line with the national family planning policy;

    5. Have the undergraduate and above qualifications required by the position of the position;

    6. Obtain a teacher qualification certificate corresponding to the position you are hiring;

    7. At the same time, there are other specific qualifications and other specific requirements required for the position (see the job table for details).

    Third, registration and qualification review

   (1) Registration steps.

    1. Applicants should go to the Wuyi Primary School in Tianhe District, Guangzhou (20 Tianshou Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou) to register and participate in the qualification examination.

    2. registration time:

    Monday, October 8, 2018 to Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    9:00 am – 12:00 am; 14:00 – 17:00 pm

   (2) Instructions for registration.

    1. The ratio of the number of valid applicants to the number of candidates to be employed in each position is not less than 3:1 in principle. If it is adjusted due to the special needs of the post, it may not be restricted by the proportion of the examination after the approval of the District Education Bureau;

    2 Each candidate is limited to position.

   (3) Qualification review

    The applicant must provide the original and photocopy (A4 specification) listed in the Qualifications Catalogue (see attachment, self-downloaded and autographed) as the basis for the qualification review. Participate in structured interviews with the actual number of people passing the qualification review. The list of structured interviewers and related matters was announced on October 11th, 2018 (Thursday) Tianhe Education Online ( http://www.gzthedu.cn ).

    Fourth, structured interviews and trials

    The structured interview time is October 12, 2018 (Friday). For candidates with a structured interview score of 60 or more, the test is determined by the ratio of 1:3 in the order of high score to low score. The number of people taught.

    The list of participants and related matters will be announced on October 12, 2018 (Friday) at Tianhe Education Online ( http://www.gzthedu.cn ).

    The trial time is October 15th, 2018 (Monday)

    5. Publish results, medical examinations and organization visits.

    Among the candidates with a score of 60 or more in the test scores, the structured interviews accounted for 30% of the total scores, and the trials accounted for 70% of the total scores. From the high score to the low score order, the physical examination candidate is determined in a ratio of 1:1. When there are vacancies in the recruitment position, depending on the situation, the candidates who have a total of 60 points (inclusive) or more in total will be replenished in equal amounts from high to low.

    The total score and medical checklist will be announced on October 15th, 2018 (Thursday) at Tianhe Education Online ( http://www.gzthedu.cn ).

    The medical examination standard is implemented in accordance with the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Physical Examination Standard for Applicants for Guangdong Province (Revised in 2013) (Guangdong Education [2013] No. 1). Candidates who are recommended by the medical examination hospital for review cannot obtain a qualified conclusion within one month, and they are deemed to have failed the medical examination. If the medical examination fails, you can make up according to the total score of the exam from high to low. The medical examination time will be announced separately.

    Organize the examination of those who have passed the medical examination. The investigation is mainly to investigate whether the applicants who have passed the medical examination are suitable for the relevant positions (such as: actual performance, no criminal record, family planning, academic qualifications, etc.). Those who fail will be able to make up according to the total score from high to low.

    Sixth, determine the employment list

    The proposed personnel who passed the medical examination and organization inspection were publicized on Tianhe Education Online ( http://www.gzthedu.cn ) for 7 working days.

    7. Handling procedures and related treatment

    The person who is proposed to be employed without any objection shall sign a labor contract in accordance with the policy and implement a one-month probationary period. Those who have passed the examination after the probationary period shall go through the formal employment registration formalities and honor the corresponding salary.

    Our company is not responsible for the file management of the hired personnel, as well as any matters concerning their spouse, children and so on.

    Eight, matters needing attention

   (1) Applicants should carefully check the application conditions specified in the recruitment notice and the professional qualifications in the “job form” [if the applicant’s major is not included in the professional reference catalogue (see attachment), but the main courses of the majors are If the main courses required for the application for the post are basically the same, the diploma and course transcript (stamped by the graduate school) shall be provided at the time of qualification examination, and the relevant recruitment department shall be deemed to be valid by the relevant professional department] and other qualifications. Any one of the conditions that do not meet or fall below the requirements of the recruitment announcement may not be registered, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk.

   (2) The qualification examination runs through the entire recruitment process. The personal information and materials submitted by the candidates shall be true, complete and accurate. Anyone who does not meet the requirements of the position or resort to fraud will be disqualified from applying for qualification or employment.

   (3) The relevant time and position of the recruitment work, the unit can make appropriate adjustments according to the progress of the work, and the adjusted time and recruitment position will be announced in Tianhe Education Online ( http://www.gzthedu.cn ) in time. Candidates are requested to pay attention to relevant information.

   (4) Before applying for the examination, candidates who have a labor contract relationship with other public schools in Tianhe District must obtain the consent of their unit before applying for the examination, otherwise they will be disqualified. Candidates who have already had a labor contract relationship with other public schools in Tianhe District must obtain the consent of their employer and terminate the employment contract.

   (V) This announcement is explained by Wuyi Primary School, Tianhe District, Guangzhou.Application for consultation: 020-37225001, supervision phone: (020) 38622519; 38622508.


Attachment: 1. Full-time hiring teacher position in the 2018 year of Wuyi Primary School, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

2. Catalogue of the qualification examination of the full-time faculty of the Wuyi Primary School in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 2018

3. Registration Form for the Full-time Employment of Full-time Teachers in the 2018 Primary School of Tianhe District, Guangzhou

4. Professional reference catalogue


Wuyi Primary School, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

September 13, 2018 

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    上午9 :00——12:00;下午14:00——17 :00





    应聘人员本人须提供《资格审查资料目录》(见附件,自行下载并亲笔签名)所列的资料原件和复印件(A4规格),作为资格审查的依据。以通过资格审查的实际人数参加结构化面试。结构化面试的人员名单及有关事项于2018年10 月11日(星期四)天河教育在线(http://www.gzthedu.cn )公布。



    试教的人员名单及有关事项于2018年10月12日(星期五)在天河教育在线(http://www.gzthedu.cn )公布。




    总成绩及体检名单于2018年10月15日(星期一)在天河教育在线(http://www.gzthedu.cn )公布。


    对体检合格者进行组织考察, 考察主要是对体检合格的应聘者是否适应报考职位的相关情况(如:现实表现、无犯罪记录证明、计划生育、学历鉴定等情况)进行考察了解,如出现考察不合格者,可以根据总成绩从高到低依次递补。


    通过体检和组织考察的拟聘用人员在天河教育在线(http://www.gzthedu.cn )公示7个工作日。







   (三)本次招聘工作的相关时间以及职位,本单位可根据工作完成进度作出适当的调整,并将调整后时间与招聘职位及时在天河教育在线(http://www.gzthedu.cn )公布,请考生自行关注相关信息。






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