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The Teach in Shenzhen column brings you all teacher jobs in Shenzhen,China.

[Shenzhen]Shenzhen Guangming District Education System 2019 Campus Recruitment Teachers

Shenzhen Guangming District Education System 2019 Campus Recruitment Teacher Introduction to Guangming District, Shenzhen Administrative division Guangming District is located in the northwest of Shenzhen, with a total area of ​​156.1 square kilometers. There are 6 communities in Guangming, Gongming, Xinhu, Fenghuang, Yutang and Martin. There are 31 communities. 2.

[China]C&F School is hiring Foreign Teacher

Foreign Teacher Description 1、Class preparing and teaching jobs; 2、Teaching and research; 3、Training and teaching assessment; Requirements 1、Bachelor degree in any discipline, English & Business Management majors are preferred. 2、 Teachers with teaching certifications are preferred. Certifications include but are not limited to CELTA, TESOL, TEFL, etc. 3、 Teachers with experience

[China]C&F School is hiring english teacher

C&F School is hiring english teacher English teacher Description 1. Responsible for English teaching of 5-15 year old students, cultivate students’ excellent behavior habits and improve their English application ability; 2. According to the teaching content, the actual situation of students and the cognitive rules, carefully prepare lessons and design

[China]Teach For China 2019 Teacher Recruitment

Beautiful China 2019-2021 Project Teacher Recruitment Beautiful Chinese Teaching Project: Established in 2008, Teach For China is an educational non-profit project under the Beijing Lide Future Aid Foundation. The China Children and Teenagers’ Fund is a long-term public partnership partner of Beautiful China. The Beijing Lide Future Aid Foundation is a